Guiding Your Next Steps

Let an experienced high school and college counselor help "Connect U" with your perfect match

Who Are You?

Every student is unique. ConnectU Consulting's mission is to help each student capitalize on what exactly makes them, them! We want to help each student discover what makes them unique, what makes them interesting, what makes them tick. This is the foundation of a partnership we will build to help decide the best  fit , post highschool graduation, for each unique individual.  My goal is to use my extensive experience in college consulting to connect each student to their perfect college match, and help adequately prepare them for admittance there.

Planning for your college future takes work-- starting in 9th grade! To set ourselves up for the best college experience possible, we have to work smart. 

My approach is to start early with some self discovery, giving us the foundation to work on getting to you to your perfect end-goal!! After this, I begin with guiding course selection, extra-curricular and volunteerism opportunities, test preparation, and other factors to begin prepping you to be an ideal college candidate.  As we continue to work in this partnership, we will dive deeper in to your college search, narrowing down "best fit" college matches, and to the acute work of college applications, essays, test prep, and much more. 

We will lay the perfect foundation so that during the Spring of your junior year, we're ready to dive in deep to your college applications, essays, brag sheets, common application, and all the "good stuff!" 

I pride myself on my ability to connect with students on a deep level and establish the trust needed to do some substantial work.  I can't wait to meet you and get started! 

Let's get Started!

This is some of the most important work you'll do. Take time to invest in you and your future!