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About ConnectU


Who are you?

Every student is unique. ConnectU Consulting's mission is to help each student capitalize on what exactly makes them, them! We want to help each student discover what makes them unique, what makes them interesting, what makes them tick. This is the foundation of a partnership we will build to help decide the best  fit , post high school graduation, for each unique individual. Our goal is to use our extensive knowledge and experience with career coaching and college consulting to connect each student to their perfect career and college match.


What does your future hold?

Think about most of the people you know, and how they ended up where they are at in life. Whether they are successful or not, you'll usually see that decisions they made in middle and high school impacted their future.

Now is the time to put a plan in place future you dream of.  


So... let's get started!

This is some of the most important work you'll do. Take time to invest in you and your future!

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