About Me


My job as an educational consultant is to guide my students in identifying their core values and interests, and then assist them in a college search that will culminate in a choice that nurtures these values. My passion is to use my extensive experience and knowledge in the education industry to "ConnectU" to the college that is your best fit.

I have extensive experience in all things Education. I have worked as an admissions counselor at a local college, for the Department of Higher Education, and as a school counselor at a prominent Denver high school since 2011.

Over the years, I realized that the part of my job where  I found the greatest fulfillment was in helping my students achieve their dreams by finding a perfect college fit. I decided in 2018 to turn this love in to a business, and the result  has been helping the youth that I adore achieve their dreams. I can't wait to "ConnectU" as well!